OTHERS / CCC 1371 Brief Data Sheet
CCC1371 is a microcontroller compatible Integrated Circuit performing all the functions needed to implement a two chamber, rate responsive, cardiac pacemaker.
Its supply voltage range of 2.8V down to 2.0 V coupled to its capability of digitally controlling current consumption on a module by module basis allows extended battery life. It is packaged in a low profile 80 pin TQFP.
FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW / CCC1371 includes the following functional blocks:
Two Stimulus blocks: (V_Stimulus and A_Stimulus)

Programmable voltage multipliers that allow charging a tank capacitor (Co_V or Co_A) to up to 3 times the supply voltage. Control of delivery of pulses to the heart.

Two Sensing blocks: (V_Sense and A_Sense)

Perform amplification and bandpass filtering of the cardiac signal. Their output is obtained by comparison of the filtered signal with a programmable reference, thus setting each sensing channel sensitivity.

Lead Selection block: (Lead Select)

Provides switches that allow selecting which leads are used for Stimulation and Sensing. It is also referred to as Polarity block. This block allows independent selection of leads for each chamber and function: unipolar or bipolar sensing for each chamber and unipolar or bipolar stimulus for each chamber.

Activity block

Performs signal conditioning for the output of an acceleration sensor in order to estimate the patient physical activity.
It includes:
• Digital control for periodically biasing and sampling the piezoresistive sensor.
• Sample and hold for the sensor output.
• Amplification and passband filtering
• Full wave rectification
• Output buffer to handle an external A/D converter.
With an additional external conditioning stage it can operate with a piezoelectric sensor instead of with a piezoresistive one.

Battery Measurement block

Provides a reference voltage for external measurement of the battery voltage.
Note: This reference, though it can be used, is temperature dependent and is not tested in chip production. Therefore, for battery measurement with improved precision we recommend to use an external voltage reference.

Telemetry Receiving block (Rx):

Demodulates an incoming OOK/ASK modulated data stream.

Reference Current Source and Bias Current Distribution (Iref)

Master current reference from which bias currents for all modules are derived. Each bias current can be independently turned on or off in order to optimise consumption of the analog modules.

Clock Distribution (Clk):

Independent control of clock delivery to each module allows consumption optimisation for digital modules.

Microcontroller Interface

Allows control by an external microcontroller through six 8-bit internal registers. Access to the registers is performed through an 8-bit data bus, a 3-bit address bus and a write control signal.

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